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Last summer there was significant movement toward getting published, but then the publisher decided that even though they liked it they had more projects than time and Blood and Love got cut.  There are some other options for publishers, but things are moving slowly.  Meanwhile, I’m working on my next book which has taken a lot of my time.  I imagine this next book, set in a situation with both cultural and physical conflict, will satisfy many people’s desire for action in addition to introspective romance and hot sex scenes, and perhaps will make it easier to get both published together.  In the meantime, I’ve had a few manuscript copies of Blood and Love: Connection printed up so that people will be able to read it without having to invest in one of my beautiful handbound artisan creations — which are still available for anyone interested.


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Hand-made one of a kind books lovingly made in careful detail to give a beautiful and sensual reading experience that matches the world of the book. The color scheme for this book is that of the night—blue, black, and white. Each book has seven signatures, the outer pages of which are a vibrant blue that gives the open spine both a striking look. Bold, black images that reflect the mood and content of the text adorn these outer pages. The strong and flexible open spine makes reading easy. Created from acid-free materials, each book has a fabric covered cover, ribbon book mark, and intricate hand dyed end-papers.

Click below to see individual details and how to order.


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Please add your name!  With your

support, we will get this book published.


I am in the process of trying to publish the first book in my series Blood and Love. It is not easy to get novel length erotic work that portrays diverse sexualities and relationships published. You can read excerpts of it here and here. If you enjoy reading this, please email FayOnyx@gmail.com or simply leave a comment to add your name to the list of people interested in the book. Thank you. By building this list I hope to demonstrate a significant audience for this work and encourage publishers. Your support is crucial to this endeavor.

The Characters: Selden, a sensitive vampire with a traumatic past. Sora, a magical forest guardian in town for the winter to earn money as a courtesan.

The Story: A queer, pornographic, polyamorous, mixed-race, and mixed-species romance set in a fantasy world with a rich history full of mages, queers, transpeople, shapeshifters, kinky people, demons, gods, and different cultural groups.

This is a story about lust and desire.
This is a story about fear, growth, and healing.
This is a story about love.

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